Available Toll Payment Methods

Toll Payment Methods

A toll is charged on most Croatian motorways, the only notable exception being the Zagreb bypass. At all toll gates you can pay with Croatian currency kuna, but also payments in euros and all major credit cards are accepted.

Not counting cash and credit cards, there are several ways to pay toll on Croatian motorways:

  • ENC is an electronic toll collection system. As of August 2007, the transponder costs 122 kn and a 10% discount on tolls is available. The user must pre-pay at least 90 kn of toll at purchase. Additional money can be added to the toll account at any time. In the tourist season, ENC can drastically shorten wait times on large toll plazas with dedicated ENC lanes (especially toll plaza Lučko in Zagreb).

Toll Payment Methods

  • Smart card, a nonrefundable and unexpiring prepaid toll card showed to the toll attendant. As of 2013, a HAC smart card costs 30 kn. Additional toll may be prepaid at owner’s will. The smart card enacts a 10% discount on toll when used. It is not recommended to use the smart card for paying less than 200 kn in toll (equals to a round-trip in relation Zagreb – Zadar).
  • Seasonal smart card offers a significantly higher discount rate of 23.5% usable during specified five months. Unused amount upon expiry of these five months will be used with the standard, 10% discount. A class I vehicle seasonal smart card costs 1200 kn. The full amount is submitted to the toll account.

The toll amount is calculated according to the category of vehicle and the length of the motorway section you travel. Vehicle categories are shown here, while toll rates for all sections of A1 highway (Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik) are shown here.


Data taken from Croatian Motorways Ltd. official web page.