Rest Areas On Croatian A1 Motorway (Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik)

Rest areas on Croatian highway

There are 26 rest areas operating along the A1 motorway, and additional rest areas are planned along the existing sections of the route and those sections under construction. Legislation provides for four types of rest areas designated as types A through D—A-type rest areas comprise a full range of amenities including a filling station, a restaurant and a hotel or a motel; B-type […]

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Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik Highway Pricelist

Toll Rates A1 Motorway

On the Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik motorway, also known as A1, the following toll rates are set depending on the selected exit. Available toll payment methods are shown HERE. Entry: Zagreb Vehicle category (if you wonder which category your vehicle belongs to, a detailed explanation can be found HERE) IA I II III IV Zdenčina 4 7 12 17 29 Jastrebarsko 6 10 18 25 […]

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