Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik Highway Pricelist

Toll Rates A1 Motorway

On the Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik motorway, also known as A1, the following toll rates are set depending on the selected exit. Available toll payment methods are shown HERE. Entry: Zagreb Vehicle category (if you wonder which category your vehicle belongs to, a detailed explanation can be found HERE) IA I II III IV Zdenčina 4 7 12 17 29 Jastrebarsko 6 10 18 25 […]

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Available Toll Payment Methods

Toll Payment Methods

A toll is charged on most Croatian motorways, the only notable exception being the Zagreb bypass. At all toll gates you can pay with Croatian currency kuna, but also payments in euros and all major credit cards are accepted. Not counting cash and credit cards, there are several ways to pay toll on Croatian motorways: ENC is an electronic toll […]

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Vehicle Categories

vehicle category camper

According to Croatian laws, vehicles are classified into following categories: Vehicle category no. Description of vehicle category IA Motorcycles, motor tricycles and four wheeler motorcycles I Motor vehicles with two axles, up to 1.90 m high II a) Motor vehicles with two axles above 1.90 m, with the maximum authorized mass of 3,500 kg b) Motor vehicles with two axles, […]

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