Dubrovnik Cable Car

The most beautiful view of Dubrovnik and surrounding islands can be enjoyed on the Mount Srdj above the town. The top of the hill can be reached via the newly-restored Cable car. The Dubrovnik Cable car began transporting passengers back in 1969 and was enthusiastically used by millions of visitors who wanted to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views. On […]

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Rector’s Palace

rectors palace dubrovnik

The Rector’s Palace is where a Rector of Dubrovnik lived and worked. Rector was a nobleman governing the Republic of Dubrovnik, and a new Rector was elected every month so that one would not become too attached to the power. What do you say about that idea, dear politicians of the world? Rector during his rule would not leave the […]

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Fortress Lovrijenac

Lovrijenac Dubrovnik

The monumental fortress, sometimes called “Gibraltar of Dubrovnik”, rises 37 meters above sea level and has had numerous roles in its history. Of course – the primary reason for its construction was protection of Dubrovnik’s freedom. Written documents prove that construction started in 1018, but due to the extraordinary importance and strategic value of chosen position fortress Lovrjenac was repeatedly […]

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Dubrovnik City Walls

The ancient walls of Dubrovnik have been built throughout many centuries: the first part dates back to the 13th, and the last to the 17th century. After all, the defense was of utmost importance in these times of uncertainty. There was always someone lurking and waiting for the opportunity to invade the city, jealously watching as the Republic of Dubrovnik […]

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Minceta Tower

The largest and most impressive tower, called Minceta (pronounced Minchetta – on Croatian road signs writes Minčeta, using their alphabet) rises on the northern side of Dubrovnik city walls. The round tower was built in the 15th century according design of famous medival builder Juraj Dalmatinac (Giorgio da Sebenico). The walls of the tower are impressive six meters (20 feet) […]

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St. John’s Fortress

The fortress of St John (Croatian name: Utvrda Svetog Ivana), often called Mulo tower, is a structure on the south-eastern side of the old city harbor. This fortification protects the very entrance to the harbor and is one of the key points forming Dubrovnik defense complex. The fort was built as a consequence of many rearrangement and upgrades of the […]

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