Minceta Tower

The largest and most impressive tower, called Minceta (pronounced Minchetta – on Croatian road signs writes Minčeta, using their alphabet) rises on the northern side of Dubrovnik city walls. The round tower was built in the 15th century according design of famous medival builder Juraj Dalmatinac (Giorgio da Sebenico). The walls of the tower are impressive six meters (20 feet) thick! That would be a challenge even for today’s artillery, let alone medieval cannons, catapults and trebuchets.

The tower was built in two phases: it was originally built 1319 as a quadrilateral, and a local engineer Nicifor Ranjina was noted as a builder. But with the shift in tactics and strategy of that era the decision was made to build a round tower, more suitable for protection to attacker invading from multiple directions.

Minceta Tower

Construction began 1461.according to plans of Micchelozza di Bartolomea of Florence (one of the most famous builders in 15th century Europe). Especially after the fall of Bosnia to the Turks in 1463, the works on the City walls hastened. But only one year later the abrupt ending in the cooperation between Dubrovnik government and Michelozzo happened, and Michelozzo left Dubrovnik offended as his plans for the reconstruction of the Rector’s palace were not approved.

After Michelozzo’s departure aforementioned Juraj Dalmatinac took over, finnaly bringing the project to the grand finale. During its active service Minceta was armed with no less than nine guns – a true symbol of the unconquerable Dubrovnik.

Minceta is not only the most intimidating tower of Dubrovnik but also the highest point of entire city walls. If you are not afraid of heights – climb on this beautiful building! You will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the entire city, and also with a colorful panorama composed by hills surrounding Dubrovnik on one side and the open sea stretching to the horizon.