Dubrovnik City Walls

The ancient walls of Dubrovnik have been built throughout many centuries: the first part dates back to the 13th, and the last to the 17th century. After all, the defense was of utmost importance in these times of uncertainty. There was always someone lurking and waiting for the opportunity to invade the city, jealously watching as the Republic of Dubrovnik grew.

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With an impressive length of 1940 meters (1.2 miles) and just as impressive height of 25 meters (82 feet), the walls represent a reminder of these long centuries without the law. And as the enemy came more and more armed, so the walls also steadily grew. Today, the inshore side of the wall is up to 6 meters (20 feet) thick, and parts facing the sea is up to 3 m (10 feet) thick.
Walls have been additionally protected by five towers, almost impossible to conquer.

Walls That Saved Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s walls are one of the most prominent tourist attractions today. From the walls, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Dubrovnik, nearby islands and endless sea. Caution – from our own experience avoid taking a tour in the sunshine because you will get a sunburn. The best time to visit and explore the walls of Dubrovnik is in the morning or late afternoon. If you just have to go up there around noon, then at least bring some sunshade or hat, and of course, get plenty of water!

Dubrovnik City Walls
Nearly one million tourists visit Dubrovnik’s walls every year, and because of its beauty and rich history, Dubrovnik regularly becomes credited as one of the most beautiful tourist locations in the world.
But unlike today’s peaceful purpose, the walls of Dubrovnik had a very specific purpose in the past. Faced with all kinds of conquerors trying to occupy the city, Dubrovnik made its walls well-armed and heavily defended. At various defensive points, there were 251 cannons of different caliber! Of course, such strong defense came with a high price tag, but for a city as rich as Dubrovnik was, defense funding was no problem.
Towers were filled with dozens of built-in guns, loopholes and even surrounded by deep ditches. No wonder Dubrovnik was chosen as the background for the Games of Thrones!